MajinAI(まじない) is a website for posting AI illustrations.

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Search prompts

The search box allows you to search for prompts.
The following are modifiers for search. Example: miku, best quality, -nsfw

Age restriction

If you would like to post content unsuitable for users under the age of 18, you can adjust the age restriction so such works are only displayed to users who can view such material.

In order to post and view works with content unsuitable for users under the age of 18, you will need to satisfy the following requirements: When posting works, you absolutely must make sure you set the appropriate age restriction according to the list below:

Mosaic Editor

Image links

Images can be linked directly.
Please be aware of the rights of the images.

The image link is "", "" and "".
The link for image information is "".
You can view the image information by removing the extension from the image link.


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