Our website has discontinued the delivery of sexual content.

We aim to provide a safer and more comfortable online experience for everyone, so we have discontinued the delivery of sexual content (including sexual and grotesque expressions).


The process leading to the discontinuation of sexual content delivery

The main factors leading to the discontinuation of sexual content delivery include legal regulations and ethical considerations.
Distribution of Obscene Materials (Article 175 of the Japanese Penal Code)
Article 175 of the Penal Code regulates to maintain sexual order and uphold minimal sexual morality, or to maintain order in sexual life and a healthy social atmosphere. This underscores the societal responsibility for the appropriate management and distribution of sexual content.
On our website, we implemented self-regulation on images containing sexual content by applying mosaic tools during posting, thus allowing for posting without transmitting such content to the server. However, not all images posted were subject to self-regulation.
Sexual images of children
This site contained many AI-generated sexual images of children ("CSAM"), which could be viewed by an unspecified number of people. In Japan, CSAMs generated by AI are not regulated by the Child Pornography Law, but in other countries, CSAMs are regulated even if they are not related to actual children. We are fully aware of our ethical responsibilities in addition to legal restrictions, and recognize that it is socially and ethically unacceptable to provide content that may exceed the scope of regulations under the Child Pornography Prohibition Law.
To date, we have followed the same policy as major illustration submission sites in Japan and have worked to regulate CSAM, but the situation was different from that of major services and the human costs we could spend on moderation were limited. In addition, due to the nature of AI-generated images, it was sometimes difficult to determine the age of the subject, making it difficult to determine whether to regulate.
Increased moderation costs
This site has installed a report form on each page, and with the cooperation of users, we have been working on moderation of inappropriate content. However, this work required a great deal of expense and effort, and the possibility of oversight could not be ruled out.
We have determined that it is cost-prohibitive to continue to distribute sexual content as we move forward with the development of new services.

Tackling Inappropriate Content

To remedy this situation and prevent the distribution of inappropriate content, we have strengthened our previous actions and suspended the distribution of sexual content, including CSAM.
This uniform regulation of sexual content has significantly reduced the cost of moderation. Previously, human resources were required to make regulatory decisions, but by utilizing automated technologies such as image recognition, we were able to reduce human costs.

The site will continue to implement enhanced monitoring and measures to eliminate CSAM and other inappropriate content. We will strive to detect and remove inappropriate content as early as possible and prevent the spread of inappropriate content through enhanced AI technology and moderation.
We will strive to improve our services by sincerely responding to user feedback and requests. We will make use of user feedback to make the site easier to use and more secure.

We look forward to your continued patronage of our website.