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This page is a Japanese translation of the Terms of Service. The following is a translation.

Terms of Service

MajinAI (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is available only to users who agree to these Terms of Service.
These Terms of Service are effective upon accessing the site and using the service.
Users who do not agree to the Terms of Service are not allowed to use the site.

Summary of Terms of Service

Use of Services

Prohibited Actions

Age restricted works

This Service requires age restriction to be applied to works that are not suitable for viewing by minors.
Users must apply age restrictions to all works that correspond to the following.

Prohibited Works

The following works can be considered potential candidates for deletion:

About censorship (mosaics/pixelation)

Examples of expressions that require the use of mosaics/pixelation



The administrator can take action and control (e.g. delete) everything on this site, regardless of the user, third party or request. There is no obligation.

Supplementary provisions